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Why a blog? Why my blog? Good questions.

Hubby's wonderful, the children are lots of fun (and work) to have around, and life is full. While not an exhaustive list, I'm primarily a mom, wife, teacher, writer, reader, student, chauffeur, Christian, friend, patriot, gardener, cook, housekeeper, organizer, nurse, counselor, and referee -- but not necessarily in that order. That means life is crazy-busy.

I am constantly searching and learning; a few specific topics are my main areas of interest (health & nutrition, gardening, organics, politics, and history), but I find myself curious about just about everything.

Also, I like to share what I know, what I do, and what I'm learning.

So, "Why a blog?" Well, why not?

Thanks for taking the time to visit with me. Come again.

Friday, October 1, 2010

White sugar, raw sugar, corn syrup, sugar substitutes, and now corn sugar? Ugh.

Let's see, there's regular sugar (that's the white, "refined" variety), then brown sugar for baking special stuff, and "raw" brown sugar -- because that makes me feel better about things, substitutes (which I have used in the past but I haven't bought for years -- have you read about saccharin, aspartame or the others?), high-fructose corn syrup, "healthy" stuff like brown rice syrup and agave, and now, apparently, we will soon have corn sugar.

Come plain, old sugar really that bad for us? And chocolate...what about chocolate?!?!

What is a sweet-a-holic to do? It's bad enough, the guilt associated with wanting, having and then enjoying treats. But then the consequences of a sweet tooth are reported to be damaging and lifelong. Well, that sure takes the fun out of things.

Ever the investigator, I do my homework and then I do my best to help spread the word. Like in my article from this morning about high-fructose corn syrup being called "corn sugar," because that new name makes it all better -- right?

On the other hand, ever the overwhelmed and busy stay-at-home-and-work-at-home-and-homeschooling mom, I sometimes fail miserably at implementing what I learn and avoiding things that are bad for me.

I love Dr. Joseph Mercola's Web site and his evaluations and recommendations. I even love and buy a few of his products (the krill oil, for one). It is my understanding that inflammation is the underlying cause of disease and illness, and since I struggle with a few things and our DD was born brain injured and with lots of medical issues, and now has an autoimmune disease, I pay attention to these things.

Nutritional supplementation, avoiding toxins and refined foods, and eating organic foods, and as much raw organic produce as possible, just makes sense to me. Then again, so does the PACE workout and the Six-Week Body Makeover program, but I have trouble consistently applying those things to my life as well.

I'll keep learning. And trying. And likely struggling and failing. How about you? What do you do to keep healthy? Are you even healthy to begin with? What are your struggles and what do you find helps? I'd love to hear about it.

For me, for now, it's radiation and non-stick cookware health-related issues be damned! DH finally fixed the microwave and I bought a new big Teflon-type pan. (We still use the hot-air popper and the enamel-coated pots, though. Bonus points for that, I figure.)

And I'm going to put forth every effort to spend some time on myself. That's not easily done. (You men may scoff, but you women/mothers totally understand, don't you? I knew it.) After Seminary ends at about 7AM, I'll have to remember to eat (also not easily done -- amazingly), and then exercise before I head to my cave (otherwise known as our school room/office). Cooking ahead is another necessary to-do item. I'm hopeful...we'll see.

The kicker is:  I don't even really like most of the treats and sweets and the quick-let-me-grab-something-because-I'm-now-starving food that I eat. It's apparently a sugar addiction. That's another thing I've learned recently. I'll have to remember to post on my reading list the name of the book I read. It was kind of new-age-thinking, but parts of it really clicked with me. The biggest point being that you have to eat in a "present" state -- no mindless eating. Take the time to eat, eat whatever you want, but then pay attention to what you're eating, what you're doing (don't drive or watch TV, for example), and to how your food tastes. Most importantly, pay attention to how you feel -- do you like it, are you even hungry, are you now full and can stop? -- stuff like that. Interesting. I'll update this when I come back with more information to share. Soon.

In the meantime, I have to step away from my computer and get some other things done today. Though I've thoroughly enjoyed my time here, it's definitely time to move on.

Enjoy your weekend. I'll do the same.

Take care.

Disclaimer:  Because I'm not a doctor or a lawyer, and because the FDA (or is it the FTC?) now makes it a crime to state that anything other than prescription pharmaceuticals cure, treat, or prevent disease, and because everything now is classified as a "disease" for that very financially-lucrative reason, I emphatically state that I do not here, or in any of my online or other formats, attempt or intend to offer professional advice in an effort to cure, treat or prevent any illness or disease. I also don't offer advice about things like how to perform brain surgery, fly a helicopter or parasail. In all things, I offer my opinion and I expect others to do their own homework and to make their own decisions about what's right and legal and appropriate for themselves and their dependents.