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Why a blog? Why my blog? Good questions.

Hubby's wonderful, the children are lots of fun (and work) to have around, and life is full. While not an exhaustive list, I'm primarily a mom, wife, teacher, writer, reader, student, chauffeur, Christian, friend, patriot, gardener, cook, housekeeper, organizer, nurse, counselor, and referee -- but not necessarily in that order. That means life is crazy-busy.

I am constantly searching and learning; a few specific topics are my main areas of interest (health & nutrition, gardening, organics, politics, and history), but I find myself curious about just about everything.

Also, I like to share what I know, what I do, and what I'm learning.

So, "Why a blog?" Well, why not?

Thanks for taking the time to visit with me. Come again.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Healthy brownies -- what?!?!

In support of our efforts to eat more healthy ("clean") foods lately, I spent some time yesterday searching online for "clean" desserts. I found this brownie recipe, and we tried it today as our first effort to bake with all natural and healthy ingredients (and there's no flour in this one).

By unanimous decision, I can state that the batter was simply delicious. :D C'mon -- you know you eat the batter, too, even with raw egg in it (though I do usually use organic eggs).

The dish is now out of the oven and, again by unanimous decision, and before they cooled for even one minute, they are a hit! We would definitely prefer them with some of Publix's organic vanilla ice cream, but that'll have to wait as I don't have any right now.

So, I encourage you to try this recipe. Let me know what you think and if you have a favorite healthy dessert recipe to share.

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